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Nº4 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Nº5 Writing

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N°3 Speech acts

J. Austen develops the idea of "Speech Acts"and he devides utterances into two distinguished and separate parts of speech: constatives and performatives. He easily defines constatives as sentences which describe sth is true or false. However, performatives us defined as sentences which denote in action.However, when we talk about speech acts, we refer to thoses words which demand actions and those which are actions, for example; promising,apologising,ect. In the case of performatives, we need to be aware of felicity conditions, which implies an utterances pronounced by the correct person and in the correct place. To put it into other words, certain verbs need to be said under certain conditions. Felicity conditions can be the rules that an performative can be inactive.
Performatives have some characteristics to lead into action:

*proper autority
* ready to be executed

N°2 University of Toronto; Academic Writing

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Welcome to Ale's blog, my dears!
I'm a nice fellow who likes English as much as you do. I live in Adrogué and I'm 27 years old. You may be asking why I've chosen to upload  Stitch's photo. Well, that's not an easy answer, I'll try to answer it, though. This alien represents my character: It is  so moody that you never know how it will react, but it is harmless. A couple of years ago, this creature was supposed to destroy  planets. However, its plans changed in a sudden when it met a young beautiful person and they both decided to change the course of its destiny(Stitch's). By doing so, they got to meet many people from all over the world, learn new things, learn how to interpret books, and how to cope with hardships and, of course, overcome them.